San Antonio Cadillac Dealers

2018 Cadillac XTS Technology and Connectivity

The next-generation Cadillac user experience is a dynamic platform that can be adjusted over time to meet a customer’s evolving connectivity needs, leveraging the cloud to enable personalization, available connected navigation and applications via the Collection app store.

With functionality similar to smartphones, the new user experience system provides customers with easier access to the most common features. The more intuitive operation includes a Summary View in which all key applications – climate, audio, phone and navigation – are displayed on one screen.

The heart of the next-generation Cadillac user experience is the 8-inch LCD multi-touch-sensitive screen integrated into the top of the central instrument panel. The next-generation Cadillac user experience vibrant LCD screen resembles a smartphone’s screen, with large, easy-to-target icons to execute commands. Upgrades and enhancements for the next-generation Cadillac user experience in 2018 include in-vehicle apps via Collection, partial name recognition, display of Advanced Park Assist, Wi-Fi signal strength display, personalized profiles, integrated smartphone-like navigation and active connection.

"Cadillac pioneered connectivity by bringing OnStar to market, and more recently we became the first luxury brand to enable Apple CarPlay and Android Auto across our product line," says Richard Brekus, Cadillac director of Product Strategy. "We have worked to improve overall system response in recent years, and now this next-generation user experience system delivers more improvements, focused mainly on intuitive control."